Author, Manuel Johnson's primary goal has been to help women of all walks of life with relationship dilemmas. Holding on to his belief that communication and understanding between men and women can be improved, he has made it his business and life's journey to close that gap of understanding. An understanding that may lead to harsh truths, but is still needed.

Books like, "The Mind of a Jerk", which showcases the mindset of a man that plays off of the insecurities of women for his sexual advancements. Books such as this cater to an audience of women who are single and are coming in contact with different guys as they try to find Mr. Right. But it can also add understanding to marriages for both women and men. If that doesn't help, the story, "In Love With A Stranger" should definitely feed the curiosity of any married woman.

On a different note, books as "Last Words To A Dying Heart" stray away from the fiction side and tread the waters of truth and reality. In this awesome book, Mr. Johnson gives 100 quotes followed by brief passages elaborating on the quote above it. 100 life lessons and relationship do's and dont's for men and in particular, women. 

With over 13,000 followers on his @Ask_Dr_Linq Instagram page, Manuel Johnson has been able to spread his words to women across the world! With email questions from England to South Africa; from India to California; women have questions and they leave with answers. Shedding light on dark issues, one word at a time; that is his life's mission.